Septic Tanks

It is recommended that you have your septic tank emptied regularly to prevent it from overflowing.
EU law states that septic tanks should be emptied every year to prevent blockages and groundwater pollution.
PP Drains Ltd specialise in septic tank cleaning and de-sludging.

Emptying of Septic Tanks & Biocyles

Percolation Areas & Septic Tank Upgrades

De-sludging Wastewater Treatment Tanks

Septic Tank Installation & Cleaning

Septic Tank Inspection & Repair

Tank Maintenance & Servicing

If you require a septic tank inspection, call us today on 02247748 for a free quote. We provide a thorough service at competitive rates.

Common Septic Tank Problems

If you experience any of the following, your septic tank or wastewater treatment system may not be functioning correctly.
Some signs that you’re septic tank needs to be de-sludged are;

Toilets & sinks draining slower than usual

Gurgling in the drains

Septic tank effluent surfacing on land

Foul smells near septic tank

Signs of pollution in nearby ditches

Ground movement near septic tank

Even if your septic tank seems to be operating correctly, it could be leaking into the groundwater. That’s why it is so important to have it emptied and inspected annually.

When you call PP Drains Ltd for septic tank maintenance you can rest assured that you will receive a fast, efficient and friendly service.